Trying to Navigate one of Life's BIGGEST Challenges?

Divorce - Retirement - Aging parents - Illness - Job change.

Coping and resilience can START Today!


This program is all about finding the strategies to relax and manage stress effectively. To move you from a state of stress and overwhelm to being positive, confident and at peace in your life.

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Stress To Strength Program

Getting your health on track isn’t easy when you are experiencing one of life's BIG challenges– but with the Stress to Strength program you can make it happen. Whether it is a recent divorce- retirement-aging parents-illness or job change. These all can be stressful events and impact upon our health. I want to help you through this difficult time in your life so that you go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frazzled to positive, focused and at peace.

And the best bit? As well as the program you get the support of a qualified Transformational Health Coach Christine Boucher. Including a private Facebook support group. It’s a fantastic member-only group, connecting with other like minded women on the program. The challenge encourages you to ask questions, experience amazing personal development, motivating you towards making Stress to Strength a success!


  • Overcome feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm and anxiety so that you wake up feeling light, free and happy in the morning.
  • Build your resilience to better cope with life's challenges so that you have the strength and confidence to live with purpose and intention.
  • Have the strategies to manage stress more effectively in any given situation so that you honor your physical and mental health with compassion and love.
  • Learn how to go from a state of stress to the relaxation state in minutes so that you can be the master of your mindset and take on the world.


  • Life time Access Stress to Strength Program.
  • Access to the VIP Revive Your Health Community.
  • Private 45 min Transformational Health Coaching Session with Christine.
  • Mindful Meditation.
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